Welding is a permanent joining technique that binds metals together using electricity. In traditional welding, the base metal of both parts being welded together is melted. The connection is formed when this molten metal re-hardens. The weld is often stronger than the metal itself and can add strength to the entire structure. Welds are lightweight, strong, and can be aesthetically pleasing. Overall, they can add to a structure rather than being a necessary.

Competence to perform wide range of welding processes including MIG / MAG welding with robots and hand welding equipment. We can weld the following materials: mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We weld according to customers quality needs up to the highest standards and requirements.

In addition to manual welding, we have several automated welding robots. The robots are equipped with rotary tables and two welding torches.

We are always innovating new tools and parts.

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